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Here's a look at 2018...

An ongoing series of informational entries

Upcoming 2018 Season 

January - March 2018

We've been keeping busy this off-season, planning our projects and events for the year, specifically our upcoming Earth Day event in April.


A few people commented on our Facebook and well as the Nextdoor App about the erosion in the park. Here was our response...

Thanks for noticing, thanks for your comments. Westerleigh Parks Coalition got together with Parks recently. Both parks were looked at regarding their respective needs. One of the things we did not point out in Westerleigh Park was the erosion - which appears to be worse than ever. We also pointed out the irrigation system (sprinkler system) was in working order prior to any construction on the retention ponds and it has not worked since. The Parks Department is certainly aware of any short comings in Westerleigh Park. Hopefully some fixes will be coming soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed and then some.


A few things...

We just wanted to inform you that the Parks Department is aware of the downed branches in Westerleigh Park. They tell us they have been inundated with the recent storms. They will be by as soon as possible.

We are happy to announce that we are officially a not-for-profit corporation and have attained our 501(c)3 status! (This status allows the organization to accept donations.)

Two important dates:

April 7th - our first official day back in the parks! (April 7th - Northerleigh, please check the schedule regarding future dates.)

April 21st is the Earth Day Event, 12pm-3pm

Volunteers are always welcome, especially those young adults needing community service.

Here's hoping for good weather! Hope to see you soon!

2018 Season 

April - June 2018

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